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News and Updates: SharePoint Calendars for Schools - Update


SharePoint Calendars for Schools - Update


SharePoint Calendars for Schools

Tip: Synchronising SharePoint Calendar to your Outlook calendar
  • Shared team calendar for jobs, consulting, projects, events, books, etc.
  • Resource reservation calendar for things such as conference rooms, projectors, demo laptops, etc
  • Meeting management from the web with out logging onto the network
  • You could have a central calendar in your Outlook, then several SharePoint calendars linked in, and you can drag/drop your pertinent appoints on the various calendars for their various purposes.
Which is one of the great selling points of SharePoint and a lot of Teachers have asked about this over the last few months at the Training we delivered. Very Cool!
How do I do this : So you create a Calendar in a SharePoint site, then go under Actions”, select “Connect to Outlook”.  Outlook will then ask you if it is OK to link to the site, etc.  Once you have added the site to your Outlook, you can drag/drop events from your main calendar, or create new events directly in the SharePoint calendar.   Outlook will sync with the SharePoint Calendar and wallah, your events appear on the SharePoint site. Works vice versa too.  Events created on the site will appear in Outlook.


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